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SCAD: The Heart Attack That Strikes Young Women   

Although SCAD causes a small percentage of heart attacks overall, it's responsible for 40% of heart attacks in women under the age of 50.

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2018-03-19 17:49:36

Do Any of These 13 Workouts For a Firmer, Stronger Butt  

Whether you're looking to eliminate lower-back pain, strengthen your lower body, or just see a perkier butt when you look in the mirror, we've rounded up some of the best booty workouts to help you reach your goals. Some of these can be done with no equipment whatsoever while others require a pair of dumbbells, a resistance band, or a jump rope. Let's get to work! Related:These 3 Changes Helped Me Naturally Grow My Butt in Just a Few Months

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2018-03-19 17:30:10

This 12-Year Old Can Deadlift 2 Times Her Bodyweight, Is More Badass Than We'll Ever Be  

Elle Hatamiya is one badass chick. Twelve-year-old athlete Elle is a triple whammy when it comes to sports, as she (somehow) manages to balance practicing Cuong Nhu martial arts, gymnastics, and Olympic-style weightlifting without utterly collapsing on the floor as I likely would if I did all three. The San Francisco native may only weigh 80 pounds, but she can deadlift nearly two times her bodyweight, and we're seriously in awe of her skills. Sometimes the best (and strongest) things come

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2018-03-19 16:49:53

Why Do Some People Need More Sleep Than Others?  

Breaking down the causes behind staying in bed till noon.

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2018-03-19 14:42:38

Wounded Vets Face Risk of High Blood Pressure   

More than 14 percent of the veterans developed high blood pressure at least 90 days after being wounded.

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2018-03-19 13:50:21

Stem Cell Transplant for MS Shows Promise   

The treatment involves using cancer drugs to decimate a patient's immune system and then restarting it with a stem cell transplant, BBC News reported.

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2018-03-19 13:11:58

Clinical Trials: The Fast Track to New Cancer Drugs   

Clinical trials help doctors create new and better cancer treatments.

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2018-03-19 12:14:17

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian   

The incident occurred overnight, but police did not say whether it was late Sunday or early Monday and did not release any details about the woman.

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2018-03-19 12:01:20

Male Birth Control Pill Shows Early Promise   

In a four-week trial of men under 50, an experimental hormone-based birth control pill was found to be "well-tolerated."

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2018-03-19 09:53:14

Low Sperm Count May Signal Serious Health Risks   

A study of nearly 5,200 Italian men found that those with low sperm counts were 1.2 times more likely to have more body fat, higher blood pressure, higher bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and lower levels of good cholesterol.

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2018-03-19 09:47:46

Nutritionist Says This Digestive Issue Could Be Causing Your Bloating, Bad Mood, and Acne  

Feeling a bit sick lately? Bad mood or low energy? Can't quite put your finger on it? Perhaps you've had digestive distress, despite not changing your diet at all. According to clinical nutritionist and detox specialist Autumn Bates, BS, CCN, there's a culprit behind your physical depletion, but you may not have heard of it: leaky gut syndrome. Related: Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Stop Getting Sick: It Starts With Your Gut What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome? The theory is that there�

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2018-03-19 07:59:06

Kids With Severe Brain Injuries May Develop ADHD   

Prior research has shown that kids with severe head injuries are more likely to have attention problems following their injury. In fact, ADHD is the most common psychiatric disorder among children with a history of serious brain injury.

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2018-03-19 07:44:44

1 in 3 Young Adults Ride With Impaired Drivers   

Riding with a marijuana-impaired driver was more common than riding with an alcohol-impaired driver, researchers found.

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2018-03-19 06:43:50

Insurance Hurdles Burden Doctors, Harm Patients   

A survey of 1,000 practicing physicians by the American Medical Association (AMA) found that doctors believe these prior authorizations affect clinical outcomes for 9 of 10 patients.

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2018-03-19 06:42:45

'Cutting,' Self-Harm Raise Suicide Risk for Teens   

Among teenagers and young adults diagnosed with a "self-harm" injury, the risk of suicide in the next year was nearly 27 times higher than the U.S. norm, researchers found.

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2018-03-19 06:07:06

Cardio or Strength Training When You're Short on Time? Jessica Biel's Trainer Answers  

You've been so busy, you can barely find the time to eat. We get it. But if you have even 15 or 20 minutes to spare, that's plenty of time to squeeze in a solid workout. Don't believe us? Take it from Jason Walsh, founder of Rise Nation and trainer who has worked with Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore, and Emma Stone. We asked Jason what the best thing is to do when you're short on time - cardio or strength training? "I think you can do a combination of both," he told POPSUGAR. "It

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2018-03-19 05:44:10

Recall: Johnsonville Smoked Pork Sausages   

The problem was discovered when the Sheboygan Falls, WI, company received three complaints that sausages were found to have pieces of hard, green plastic.

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2018-03-19 01:36:58

The Truth About Expiration Dates on Medications, According to a Doctor  

If you're thinking about taking pills that are past their expiration date, you might want to double check on their safety. Sure, you might want to save a trip to the store or some dough, but if you could be putting yourself at risk, it's definitely worth tossing the old medications and spending a bit more time and cash. When it comes to putting any substance in your body, you want to make sure you're taking the right doses and getting the relief you need. The good news is, taking

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2018-03-19 01:33:33

Diverse Clinical Trials Lead to Better Cancer Drugs   

Diverse clinical trials help will help researchers create treatments that benefit all Americans.

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2018-03-19 01:25:50

22 Healthy Snacks to Pack in Your Beach Bag on Your Next Sunny Getaway  

Even though it's still Winter over here, it doesn't mean we can't anticipate sunny Summer days at the beach. Now there's something about being by the ocean that makes me ravenous. I don't know if it's exhaustion from the heat or from swimming for hours, but if you're enjoying a beach day, snacks are a must! And we all know you didn't work hard for that Summer body just to lounge in the sand eating potato chips and Oreos. Of course, enjoy everything you lov

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2018-03-19 01:08:31

These Cannabis-Infused Teas Are the Classiest Way to Get High  

Even if you are open-minded about the benefits of cannabis, popular methods like eating edibles, smoking, or vaping can seem intimidating. But how about sipping on a cup of tea? Founded by two women who wanted to create a wellness product that was female-friendly, Kikoko cannabis-infused herbal teas are low-dosed, great-tasting, and completely unassuming. "We consider ourselves to be part of the destigmatization movement, bringing it out of the drug realm and into the wellness realm," Kikoko c

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2018-03-18 14:35:01

Keep Your Pearly Whites Intact by Avoiding These Problematic Foods and Drinks  

We love our chocolate and coffee or our wine and soda, but we don't love the evidence that is often left behind in the form of discolored and stained teeth, which is absolutely not photo-friendly. Teeth, much like the white sweaters we spill our tomato sauce on, get stained when you eat foods with color pigment. "The enamel of teeth contains small irregularities. If food containing dark color pigment gets embedded in the enamel and not cleaned off immediately, it will cause a semipermanent

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2018-03-18 12:32:57

You'll Bounce Right Out of Bed For These Healthy Breakfast Wraps  

You know the scene: it's yet another rushed morning in which you've got barely any time to put together a healthy, wholesome breakfast. Before you resign yourself to grabbing a pastry and facing an inevitable sugar crash, consider planning ahead and preparing some quick, easy, and healthy breakfast wraps. We've rounded up 15 recipe options, from egg and veggie combos to healthy and filling breakfast burritos. You'll be counting down the hours to your next breakfast, we promis

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2018-03-18 11:06:04

20 Deliciously Healthy Recipes Featuring Brussels Sprouts  

Whether you're meal prepping for the week or making a home-cooked meal on a given night, chances are you've got your go-to sides like rice or potatoes. But if you're looking for something slightly healthier yet equally satisfying, look no further than brussels sprouts. We've got you covered with a variety of dish options, from salads to several roasted variations. Related:Your Goal For Spring: Make at Least 20 of These In-Season Recipes

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2018-03-18 09:08:44

Mandy Moore's Trainer Tells Us About the Workouts That Shaped Her Lean Body  

Mandy Moore won over the hearts of pretty much everyone in the hit show This Is Us. Even though the season finale on March 13 left us in tears, we can still take joy in the fact that Mandy is still giving us all the fitness and wellness inspiration we could ever want. We spoke to her trainer, founder of Rise Nation Jason Walsh, who has a long list of strong women in Hollywood he's worked with - Jessica Biel, Alison Brie, Brie Larson, and Emma Stone. He gave us the inside scoop on how Mandy

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2018-03-18 05:05:41

Gracie's 110-Pound Weight Loss Began With the Simplest of Exercises: Walking  

It's always tough at the beginning, but once you do it over and over again, you'll get stronger

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2018-03-18 03:59:27

This BodyCombat Workout Knocks Out the Calories With Boxing, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai  

Get ready to kick, punch, and jump in this martial-arts-inspired workout based on Les Mills On Demand's BodyCombat class. This sweat sesh blends boxing, kung fu, tae kwon do, capoeira, and muay thai for the ultimate full-body workout. Get ready to have a blast and feel like a champ. Grab a bottle of water, press play, and get ready to rumble. Credits: On Anna L. and Lynn: Reebok; On Anna R.: Reebok top and shoes, Lorna Jane bra, and Onzie tights.

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2018-03-18 02:56:21

Fitbit Just Launched a Rose Gold Rival to the Apple Watch - With 4+ Days of Battery Life  

Love the functionality of Fitbit (and its impressive app!), but want the aesthetic of an Apple Watch? Say no more, fam. Fitbit's latest innovation is a design treasure, and yes . . . it comes in rose gold. Meet the Fitbit Versa: the latest smartwatch in the Fitbit family that we're certain will be on the wrists of everyone at your gym come summertime. Related:9 Walking Hacks to Add Steps and Lose Weight What's the hype about? Beyond the gorgeous design and colors, get this: four p

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2018-03-18 02:48:39

Spotify's Newest Feature Customizes Playlists Based on Your Listening Habits and Run Pace  

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd Product Credit: Outdoor Voices A good playlist can make all the difference during a tough run. On March 12, Spotify and financial service group John Hancock launched a new feature that customizes playlists for users based on their music choices and run pace. In addition to awesome tracks, your personalized playlist will also have motivational tips from Boston Marathon's John Hancock Elite Athlete Team, a group of some of the world's fas

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2018-03-18 01:36:55

How the Keto Diet Played a Crucial Role For Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider Prep  

Anytime we see one of our favorite celebrities transform themselves in preparation for a big role, we can't help but ask how they did it. Seeing Alicia Vikander play the ever-badass Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider trailer was more than enough to get us curious about how she crafted that super strong body for this role. Luckily, we had the chance to speak with her extraordinary trainer, Magnus Lygdback, who has also worked with Gal Gadot, Katy Perry, and Ben Affleck. They worked together for

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2018-03-17 12:40:48

Vegetarians, Rejoice! Disneyland Has a "Meatball" Sub Made With the Impossible Burger  

The "no meat" ball sandwich from Paradise Grill was GREAT!!! A post shared by ⭐️Rachel & SK⭐️ (@rumblyinthetumblydisney) on Mar 6, 2018 at 9:12am PST Disneyland is doing its part to spread awareness of plant-based meat substitutes, and it's serving up the "meatball" sub of vegetarians' dreams. The Paradise Garden Grill at Disney California Adventure is now offering a No Meatball Sub ($11) made with the official Impossible Burger, which is a pretty big damn deal. The...

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2018-03-17 11:21:25

These 10 Tips Will Make Going to the Gym Easier  

As we all strive to live healthier, getting fit is often a top priority. Whether you're heading back to the gym after a long hiatus or are new to the fitness scene, here are a handful of tips for making things easier. Hopefully they will help you maintain your fitness enthusiasm for months to come.

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2018-03-17 10:59:40

Forgetting to Rehydrate and 5 More Terrible Mistakes You're Making After a Workout  

So you've just had an awesome workout. You're drenched and tired, but feeling strong and confident in your major calorie burn. What comes next? Without the right recovery and post-workout routine in place, you might negate all those feel-good, body-building benefits from your workout. Yikes! The good news is that you can easily avoid these traps by being more mindful after your sweat session. Taking a rest day to restore muscle damage is always a good idea, too. Developing good habits

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2018-03-17 09:44:29

20 Keto-Friendly Recipes to Ensure a Happy Easter For All  

With Easter coming up, it's likely time to plan your holiday meal. If you've been following the low-carb ketogenic diet, you need not worry - there are plenty of unique or traditional options that are satisfying and pack in flavor without compromising your fitness plan. Whether you're planning an Easter brunch or dinner, we've got you covered with 20 recipe options, from egg dishes to meat-based entrees. Just remember that some recipes may require slight tweaks to make them ...

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2018-03-17 06:41:36

Haven't Seen Roseanne in 21 Years? Here's How She Lost (and Kept Off) 100 Pounds  

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz / WireImage If it's been a while since you've seen Roseanne Barr, you might be shocked to see that both she and John Goodman are looking like more svelte versions of themselves. In Roseanne's case, she reached her highest weight of 350 pounds just as the sitcom ended in 1997 - she then took serious measures to get in shape in 1998, when she underwent gastric bypass surgery. Since the surgery, she's had some "nips and tucks," which she disc

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2018-03-17 06:39:59

I Stopped Doing This 1 Simple Thing During the Day, and Now I Sleep Through the Night  

When I first started my personal training company, I felt so lucky to be self-employed that I took on every client I could get, including those clients at 5:30 a.m. For six years, I consistently woke up around 4:45 a.m. or 5 a.m. during the week and around 6 a.m. on the weekends. Not to mention this was during my mid-to-late 20s when the majority of my friends where attending happy hours during the week and late-night bars on the weekends. I remember going to my doctor for a yearly physical an

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2018-03-17 05:43:53

Strong, Shapely Legs and a Sculpted Core Will Be Yours With This Bodyweight Workout  

Manhattan-based Crunch trainer Tara A. Nicolas designed this workout of strengthening stability exercises to help you look and feel "sexy AF!" The emphasis? Legs and abs! But trust us, you're gonna feel this all over your whole body. With a warmup and three circuits, you'll only need some space to move - and weights if you want to take things to the next level (but they're totally not required!). "This is a stability workout that targets legs and core," said Tara. She told POPSUGA

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2018-03-16 21:35:01

Study Debunks Link Between Tamiflu & Teen Suicide   

Since 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required a warning on Tamiflu packaging that it may cause hallucinations and delirium in young patients and make them more apt to hurt themselves or take their own lives.

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2018-03-16 15:30:20

Add These 5 Things to Your Diet to Blast Away Your Belly Fat  

Losing weight, especially belly fat, can be challenging. We try the new trendy diets, and they work, but only momentarily. The minute we stop the diet and eat another carb, boom - the number on the scale shoots up and pulling the zipper up on that pair of jeans is impossible . . . again. Dietitian Emily Kuberski reminded us that "diets will only be a temporary fix - it's the overall lifestyle change that matters." Related: Eat More of These 25 Foods and Lose Weight She went on to say, "Th

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2018-03-16 13:58:01

Michelle Obama's Daily Habit Is All About Happiness  

Over the years, Obama has learned that her own happiness is just as important ― and necessary ― for the well-being of her family.

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2018-03-16 13:46:52

After Trying Nearly Everything, This Is the Diet That Helped Me Lose 30 Pounds  

I was always athletic growing up, and even after I left graduate school and started working full-time, I maintained a pretty fit physique. But 2016 was a rough year for me, to say the least, and all the trauma and stress I experienced caught up to me. Before I knew it, I had gained more than 30 pounds, and I was suddenly living a life in which I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. Before For me, this weight gain wasn't about the number on the scale. I just felt awful. I would wake

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2018-03-16 12:48:26

'March Madness' a Peak Time for Vasectomies   

In fact, an athenahealth study found that urologists in its network did 30 percent more vasectomies during the first week of March Madness in 2016 than in an average week during the rest of the year.

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2018-03-16 12:46:08

I Trained Like the Tomb Raider and Lived to Tell the Tale  

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Tomb Raider movie coming out, and star Alicia Vikander is looking like the badass Lara Croft we all deserve. In addition to helping her get ripped, Alicia's trainer, Magnus Lygdbäck, worked with her to improve her endurance, agility, and power. We had the opportunity to attend "Croft Camp" and learn about the Magnus Method from the man himself. How did Candace stack up? Peep the video above to see.

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2018-03-16 11:32:22

Here Is Exactly How to Do the Perfect Squat, According to a Fitness Instructor  

The squat is a compound and foundational fitness movement. It recruits muscles from your lower back down through to your ankles and is a tremendous strength and conditioning tool. There are more variations to a squat than there are zodiac signs, and everyone's squat is going to look a little different due to their skeletal system, their mobility and flexibility, and their muscular development. Whether you are a fitness novice or an elite athlete, you must begin and end your squats with the

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2018-03-16 09:50:10

Abortion Services Vary Widely Across the U.S.   

The report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that while legal abortions in the United States are considered safe, many states have rules that limit a woman's access to a safe and effective abortion.

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2018-03-16 09:44:24

These Women Didn't Lose a Single Pound, but Their Transformations Will Amaze You  

The scale isn't always the best tool to track your weight-loss progress. It can downright lie to you at times, actually. These transformation photos show women at the exact same weight before and after, but their bodies have clearly changed, looking leaner and stronger. If the numbers on the scale have been a source of frustration for you, these photos will make you feel better (and skip hopping on the scale!). Related:These Before-and-After Photos Prove How Useless the Scale Is When You�

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2018-03-16 09:33:51

Here's Why a Trainer and a Nutritionist Both Say to Skip Breakfast Before a Morning Workout  

Do you head to the gym before breakfast? While some prefer eating before a workout to prevent nausea, others utilize exercising on an empty stomach as a way to reach weight-loss goals. As it turns out, a fasted workout (working out on an empty stomach) has some serious advantages, scientifically speaking. "I personally love fasted workouts," said Precision Nutrition coach and personal trainer Austin Lopez, CSCS."They feel hard at first, but your body gets used to it and soon you prefer it." Let

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2018-03-16 08:18:27

Can You Be Obese But Heart-Healthy? Study Says No   

In the study, the researchers found that people with a BMI between 22 and 23 had the lowest risk of heart disease.

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2018-03-16 06:18:07

Grab Your Wallet - These 7 Irresistible Puma Sneakers Are All You'll Want This Year  

If you're a fan of Puma's comfortable and lightweight sneakers, you're not alone. The popular brand is constantly releasing trendy new shoes we can't get enough of. This year, treat yourself to a new pair that will get you excited to work out. To make shopping easier, we rounded up a list of hot picks you'll want to own. From glitter high tops to sock silhouettes, shop our favorites ahead. Related:You Can Finally Shop the Puma Sneakers Selena Gomez Is Obsessed With

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2018-03-16 05:46:53

Why You Need to Recognize the Warning Signs of Burnout ASAP, According to a Psychologist  

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 61 percent of American workers reported feeling burned out in their current job, while 31 percent admitted to experiencing high or extremely high levels of stress at work. Knowing this, why aren't more people doing something about it? Well, burnout can be easily dismissed since it's not a medical term, and many don't think to take it seriously. The dangerous thing about burnout is that it can slowly creep up on you if you don't recog

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2018-03-16 05:37:05

The World's Most Common STD Is One You've Never Heard Of Before  

Trichomoniasis is the world's most common curable STI—and it's disproportionally affecting the black community. That's the major takeaway from a new Johns Hopkins study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. For the study, researchers used data from the 2013-2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a collection of health information that includes valid trichomoniasis results from urine samples. The study looked at data from 1,942 men and 2,115 women of sever...

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2018-03-16 04:20:21

Recycled Toilet Water Aces Its Taste Test   

Although research has shown that recycled wastewater is safe, people are often repulsed about things such as taste.

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2018-03-16 04:12:01

Kratom-Linked Salmonella Outbreak Expands: CDC   

Since March 2, three more strains of salmonella involved in the outbreak have been identified, and 47 more cases of salmonella infection and eight more states have been added.

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2018-03-16 03:33:26

Nebraska Bride Temporarily Blinded by Bouquet of Poisonous Flowers Gets Dream Wedding Do-Over   

What she thought to be an allergic reaction was actually the result of a poison-packed bouqet.

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2018-03-16 03:07:51

What You Should Know If You Love Someone Who Has Panic Attacks  

Learn how it feels to get one and how you can help.

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2018-03-16 02:32:28

Good News! Having Regular Sex With Your Partner Is Good For Your Mental Health  

Sex feels great, but it can also be beneficial to your health and relationship. On top of boosting your immunity and promoting intimacy, sex has also proven to be good for your mental wellness. According to men's health expert and board-certified urologic surgeon Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, it's due to the surge in certain hormones that are released during the act. "One of those is dopamine, which is well-linked to your reward pathway," Dr. Brahmbhatt. "That's why if you have sex once

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2018-03-15 18:35:20

Federal Food Fiasco  

The government is not qualified to give you nutritional advice. Action Alert! Every five years, the federal government is supposed to release a set of dietary guidelines for Americans. The report contains a number of recommendations to "improve" Americans' eating habits. While it may sound like a laudable goal, the very nature of the project [...]

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2018-03-15 17:28:59

Action Alert: Save Vitamin B6  

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2018-03-15 15:17:20

These Inspiring Athletes Are Redefining What "Princess" Means For Young Girls Globally  

Clunking around on the ice for my very first skating lesson, I was in awe of how graceful and strong my instructor was, though not at all surprised. Sarah Dalton, a literal ice princess who portrays Princess Merida for Disney on Ice, was decked out in a sleek and sporty Lululemon outfit like the rest of her castmates and gave me sweet (and absolutely undeserved) compliments and bits of encouragement as she attempted to teach me how to spin (unsuccessfully - my fault, not hers) in our princess-i

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2018-03-15 14:01:07

Banned B6 Could Make a Comeback, With Your Help  

Pyridoxamine (vitamin B6) was banned as a supplement—but you can help bring it back. Action Alert! The FDA has provided a back channel by which nutrients that the human body needs can be turned into drugs, and many natural compounds are at risk. If a drug company files an investigational new drug (IND) application on [...]

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2018-03-15 13:54:49

Coffee May Have Bigger Effect on You Than Thought   

The possible benefits include lower risks of Parkinson's disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and certain cancers.

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2018-03-15 13:31:43

Flaunt Your Curves During Downward Dog in These Stunning Yoga Clothes  

When you're in the mood for yoga - whether in a class or in your own living room - it's a time to be zen and calm your head. It is not a time to be pulling at your clothes because you didn't think about whether they would fit correctly in all of those poses, unrolling those pants that just will not stay up, or trying to figure out what angle will show the least amount of skin because you know that shirt is on its way up your ribcage. When you're a curvy girl - no matter wher

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2018-03-15 12:59:16

Don't Know How to Use the Battle Ropes? This Full-Body Workout Is a Great Intro  

full body sweaty seshy using the battle ropes

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2018-03-15 12:44:56

The 6 Most Effective Exercises to Get Your Body Ready For Spring  

The weather is starting to get a little sweeter, and we're excited to welcome in the warmth. With the higher temperatures and extra sunshine come all our favorite parts of Spring - putting on shorts and tank tops for the first time, outdoor workouts, and planning out our Summer vacations. If you're looking for some new ways to get in shape in time for all the seasonal festivities, we highly recommend adding the following exercises into your routine. Each of them has been approved and

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2018-03-15 12:18:56

Nutritionists Reveal How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Gain Muscle and Burn Fat  

Intermittent fasting, also known as IF, is one of the latest diet crazes that has everyone's attention. With talk of incredible weight loss and tons of before-and-after photos on Instagram, it's hard to not pay attention. Related: I Didn't Eat Breakfast For 3 Months and This Is What Happened But maybe you're not trying to lose weight, but you do want to change your body with some new muscle gains. Trying to lean out and build some definition? This could be your ticket. "IF

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2018-03-15 10:51:50

Action Alert: Stop Crony Nutrition Advice  

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2018-03-15 10:44:23

Fit Middle-Aged Women May Fend Off Dementia Later   

New research finds that being physically fit around age 50 lowers a woman's risk of developing memory-robbing dementia by almost 90 percent.

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2018-03-15 10:18:09

Hearing Loss Joins Long List of Smoking Harms   

After accounting for work-related noise exposure and other hearing loss risk factors, the investigators found that  smokers were 1.2 to 1.6 times more likely to suffer hearing loss than people who never smoked.

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2018-03-15 10:01:40

Health Care Swindle: What Is Your Medical Bill Concealing?  

Efforts in Congress to make health care pricing more transparent for consumers need your support. Action Alert! Lawmakers in the Senate are in the midst of creating legislation intended to make health care pricing more transparent. It is imperative that they hear from consumers—and not just industry cronies—about the importance of transparency. It's no mystery [...]

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2018-03-15 09:27:07

11 office-friendly waterproof boots you can also wear on a date  

The first hint of spring gets everybody's blood flowing. As the ground (and your icy heart) begins to thaw, it's normal to jump the gun and dress for 80 degrees when you should be aiming for 55. But jackets are one thing—boots are another. Spring precipitation requires proper footwear. Rain, sleet, and some snow can ruin a new pair of sneakers in seconds flat, and spending the day with wet toes is a big big bummer. And while your trusty duck boots were built for springtime walks in the par...

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2018-03-15 09:17:36

Dr. Ron Hoffman: Is your Coumadin killing you? (The remarkable potential of vitamin K to stop arterial calcification)  

  I recently had the pleasure of attending a phenomenal lecture at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS) co-presented by Drs. Jeffrey Bland and Leon Schurgers. Dr. Bland is widely acknowledged as the "Godfather of Functional Medicine"; Dr. Schurgers is a Dutch researcher who specializes in the relationship between vitamin K and coronary artery calcification (CAC). [...]

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2018-03-15 08:27:35

Do Therapists Ever Google Their Patients?  

Experts get honest about their search habits.

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2018-03-15 08:04:12

FDA Considers Lowering Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes   

Tobacco use -- mainly cigarette smoking -- kills more than 480,000 Americans a year and costs nearly $300 billion a year in direct health care and lost productivity, the FDA noted.

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2018-03-15 06:10:01

Help Save Homeopathy!  

The FDA wants to up-end the homeopathic industry—because it's become too popular. Help us stop this insanity! Action Alert!  The FDA has tossed out the guidance that previously governed homoeopathy and has proposed a new framework that threatens the entire industry. Long-time natural health champion Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA) are [...]

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2018-03-15 05:46:09

Action Alert: Support Health Care Price Transparency  

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2018-03-15 05:08:30

Woman Hospitalized For A Foot Infection After Getting A Pedicure  

A woman in Indiana has spent nearly a week in the hospital with a foot infection that she says she got from a local spa. Jennifer White told local ABC affiliate RTV6 that she got a pedicure two weeks ago at Nails and Lounge in Noblesville, Indiana. She says her foot started swelling and turning purple in the two days after her treatment. She eventually went to the ER, where she says she was diagnosed with a severe infection. "I was worried I could possibly lose my toe. I could lose my foot,"...

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2018-03-15 05:03:49

Birth Defects Affect 7 Percent of Zika-Exposed Babies: Study   

About 7 percent of Zika-infected women in French territories of the Caribbean delivered babies that suffered from birth defects of the brain and eyes, researchers report.

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2018-03-15 04:25:12

How to build muscle: The basic guide for beginners   

So, you want to know how to build muscle. It's an answer in two parts, really. Is your ultimate aim to get big or get strong? Each goal involves lifting heavy things and eating the right foods, but the details are a little bit different. (That said, of course you'll get stronger if you train for size, and of course your muscles will get bigger if you train for strength.) Here's a primer to maximize your desired results. [RELATED1] How to lift weights to build muscle To get really big, you ...

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2018-03-15 04:24:32

Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror  

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2018-03-15 03:14:27

Ready, Set, Smile: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Whitening Your Teeth  

Putting on your best smile isn't always easy. Between wine or coffee stains and that inevitable natural yellowing that happens

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2018-03-15 03:11:08

Action Alert: Help Save Homeopathy  

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2018-03-15 02:58:38

Couple Married For 66 Years Chose To Die On The Same Day By Legal Suicide  

After 66 years of marriage, Charlie, 87, and Francie, 88, Emerick of Portland, Oregon, died in bed together on April 20, 2017 after taking lethal doses of medication obtained under the state's Death with Dignity law. The final days and hours of the Emericks' lives were captured on camera for the documentary Living & Dying: A Love Story, which the couple agreed to take part in as a way to commemorate them after their passing. It was produced by their daughter and son-in-law, Sher and R...

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2018-03-15 02:16:19

More Kids, Fewer Teeth for Moms?   

Mothers of three had an average of four fewer teeth than moms with just two children, according to the team of European research

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2018-03-15 02:04:59

Dirty Air May Harm Blacks More Than Whites   

Researchers found that blacks living in areas where this type of pollution is high have a 45 percent higher risk of heart disease and death from any cause than whites, even after taking into account other common risk factors.

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2018-03-15 01:52:23

A Victoria's Secret Model Details the Disturbing Pressure That Pushed Her to Give Up Dieting  

Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill What you see in the photo above is a smiling Bridget Malcolm during the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but what you can't see is a young woman battling the demons of the industry and struggling to accept her body. Now, the 26-year-old Australian model is opening up about how, after 12 years of disordered eating, she's given up dieting and has never felt so "free." In a post on her blog, Bridget shared that in August, she made a promise to h

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2018-03-15 01:23:46

These Workout Clothes Look Expensive, but They're From Forever 21 and Under $28  

If it's up to us, you can never have too many workout clothes. Luckily, there's one brand that is impressing us with cool, affordable activewear. Forever 21 has mastered the athletic apparel game. There are so many wish-list-worthy products we need in our lives ASAP. Check out our favorite products and get them for yourself. Related:Take a Deep Breath - We Found the 8 Cutest Pink Nike Sneakers of 2018

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2018-03-15 01:06:23

Studying Vector-Facilitated Gene Therapy in Hemophilia B Patients  

Scientists take aim at developing a single therapeutic intervention to achieve sustained clotting factor levels adequate enough to prevent bleeding in patient with hemophilia B without needing to deliver additional treatments.

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2018-03-15 01:03:07

Cutting Co-Pays Helps Heart Patients Take Meds   

The finding comes from a study of 11,000 people treated for heart attack at 300 U.S. hospitals. All of the patients had health insurance: 64 percent had private insurance, 42 percent were covered by Medicare and 9 percent had Medicaid.

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2018-03-14 15:02:56

Study Confirms Lifesaving Value of Colonoscopy   

The study looked at roughly 25,000 patients in the Veterans Affairs (VA) health system, where colonoscopy is widely used. The VA views it as the main screening test for patients aged 50 and older who have average odds for developing colon or rectal cancer.

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2018-03-14 13:15:26

New Drug Reveals Positive Result for Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia  

Deutetrabenazine, a novel VMAT-2 inhibitor, was evaluated in phase 3 trials for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia. The deuterated form of tetrabenazine was found to be well-tolerated, safe, and successful in reducing patient symptoms. By administering fixed doses, treatment can be individualized according to dyskinesia control and patient tolerance.1 Findings revealed that deuterated tetrabenazine reduced […]

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2018-03-14 12:38:57

This Beachbody Trainer Approves of 2 Workouts a Day - as Long as You Follow These Rules  

If you're a fitness-lover who truly loves to work out and pulls a few two-a-days each week, you've likely heard people tell you that it's too much on the body. I've certainly heard that many times myself. Sometimes I like to do a strength session in the morning and go for a run later in the evening after work. But I never feel burnt out or exhausted. So I asked Autumn Calabrese, Beachbody Super Trainer, for her opinion on the matter. Spoiler alert: she's a fan. "I'

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2018-03-14 12:32:06

Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies   

Stephen Hawking, a visionary physicist who overcame a debilitating disease, died Wednesday at the age of 76.

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2018-03-14 12:15:24

The Cinderella Diet Is a Real Thing - Here's Why You Shouldn't Try It  

In a time where there is an increased focus on healthy eating, healthy living, and body acceptance/positivity, there has come along a diet that seemingly puts those that try it at risk. This diet, dubbed The Cinderella Diet, is dieting to achieve the same proportions as the fictional Disney character. "Basically what this is doing is fueling our already insane fetish for being underweight and creating eating disorders," said Dr. Mikhail "Doctor Mike" Varshavski DO, a board-certified family med

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2018-03-14 11:55:13

Get Ready to Get Frisky - These Sex Positions Will Give You the Best Workout  

We have sex because it's fun, but it's also a serious workout that can really burn major calories. "The University of Montreal conducted a study that determined that, on average, men burned 100 calories from sex and women burned 69. That's roughly equivalent to a mile run," said Antonia Hall, MA., a psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert and the award-winning author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life. But the body burns more calories when large muscle groups a

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2018-03-14 10:27:57

20 Dreamy, Healthy Picnic Ideas For When Brunch Gets Boring  

Brunch never gets old. But we can definitely live without the crowded restaurants and the hunt for open reservations. Instead of squeezing into another crowded spot to catch up and create memories, grab your squad and head on off to a relaxing and fun picnic. The possibilities are endless as you can lay out all of your friends' favorite foods and drinks. From fresh fruit to mouth-watering cheese platters, you'll have a blast curating a memorable meal you can indulge in while enjoying s

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2018-03-14 10:23:46

You and Your Dinner Guests Will Be Glad You Whipped Up This Paleo Cauliflower Risotto  

Cauliflower rice slowly simmers in cozy seasonings for an aromatic, grain-free risotto topped with roasted butternut squash, via PaleoHacks. This easy Paleo risotto swaps the Arborio for low-carb cauliflower rice to create a dish that's healthy, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly! Start by roasting cubed butternut squash until tender and crispy on the edges. While the squash is roasting, saute diced onions and minced garlic in a skillet until the onions are translucent and the garlic is frag...

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2018-03-14 10:18:16

Q&A: What Are We Doing About the Opioid Crisis?   

Scientists at the NIH, the nation's chief medical research agency, are working on solutions for addressing the public health crisis by investigating new and better ways to prevent opioid abuse, to treat opioid use disorders and to manage pain.

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2018-03-14 09:07:18

Opioid Addiction: Getting Robbed While Getting Help   

Trying to overcome drug addiction is difficult enough, but America's opioid epidemic has led to an explosion in treatment centers and clinics that might have dubious practices.

what do you think?

2018-03-14 08:37:16

Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Wonder Serum That Can Do Way More Than You Realized  

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used as a home remedy for everything from weight loss to hiccups to sore throats. After hearing a brief synopsis of apple cider vinegar's benefits, it sounds like there are few things it can't cure. But before you start throwing back ACV in massive doses, remember that it's best used in moderation, and it's not the solution to every health issue in the book. If you're considering integrating ACV into your diet, the first thing you should

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2018-03-14 06:52:58

Beyond Opioids: The Future of Pain Management   

The federal government as well as the drug industry are pumping millions of dollars into research to find pain medication that works as well as opioids but aren't addictive.

what do you think?

2018-03-14 06:33:22

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